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So, Board Games are always fun, but making board games can also be fun. Over the past month I’ve created a Board Game that is based off of Mystery. It is a game where you all play as cops to catch a Big Criminal. In my completely biased opinion it is an excellent game if it had a lot more work. I have only won it once, but that is enough about my opinion of these things. There are a good amount of struggles and I will list them and a good way to teach.

1. Ideas:

Anything that takes creativity has this issue. If you have to be patient with this then be patient it is really hard…

2. Patience

This was not my first idea. My first idea is very similar, but has a few tweeks than what it was.

3. Materials:

Anything can be your materials whether it is from another board game or index cards, or just plain card board…


4. Play Testing:

This is the longest struggle. First you have to deal with trying to get people to play with you. Then you have to take their criticism, the player knows best. Then you have to keep excited about your game and that is harder than it sounds.


Currently this is where I am at in all that, but it is all interesting to deal with, but in the end it is just a game.

Okay Seriously…

This blog has mostly been about fun things, but I want to take a step back and look at things…

There is a problem that I would like to address. There are people in this world that are struggling because of things that are out of their control. Some of these people show it and others do not show it. If those people received help from others that might make them feel like part of their burden has been lifted. In my opinion those that don’t show that they are stuggling have the hardest time because they don’t have a place where they can’t vent out their frustration. In Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck there are two main characters, Lennie and George. They represent both sides and help each other out. Lennie has a mental handicap that is fairly obvious so I catagorize him with those that show it. George hides his troubles for various reasons and helps Lennie even though he is struggling too inside.

Now you may ask how in the world does Lennie help George because throughout the book it seems like Lennie is George’s problem. That just isn’t the point though, in the book Lennie asks George to talk about other guys like them and the key difference each time is that they are with other people that care. Also George can vent his feelings to Lennie and I think that helps keep him sane. Lennie is helped out by George in several ways. in some ways you could say that the ending was a service to Lennie.

I’m not just venting through this or anything. In fact I am relatively calm, I just want people to notice others that are struggling. Some people feel that to struggle is a weakness, but it isn’t, struggle makes us stronger. You have to tear down the broken or bad things and then build up the new. If you notice people struggling please on my behalf just help them…

It’s more than just a game: Game Bibliography

I have also gotten slack about this type of thing. I appreciate his take on these things and agree with many if not all of them. Also I’ve had the pleasure of playing some of these games with the author. I also play for the storyline too. In my opinion the storyline is the most important part of a game. The exception to this rule are games aimed towards kids, party games, and Super Smash Bros. So enjoy this piece as well as the games talked about it and don’t feel bad about playing… unless you play for like 6 hours a day then…

Critical Dork

I’ve been told by various people that playing video games is wrong, wasteful, or even sinful. People said the same thing about books when they came out two hundred years ago, specifically novels. Some video games are lame or degrading, and playing too much of them at once certainly wastes time. But, just like reading books, watching movies, or any other hobby, it has to be done in moderation and with good taste.
I have learned a lot this last year, and video games certainly has had something to do with my personal growth. I play games predominately for story, but there is so much to gain. Instead of focusing on what the game is about, or why you should play, I just want to share my experience with each one. It should be a given that I highly recommend all of these games. Without further ado, I will now…

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The Strange Case of Wealth Part 5

(If you didn’t read Parts 1-4, then do that first)CAM00627


He gave Quentin his address and we agreed to meet after his football practice, which ends at 4:30. Quentin walked the rest of the day with a half sense of fear and half sense of pride. His Chemistry class was about normal with the teacher talking on the inadequacy of his generation before even talking about Chemistry.

Quentin sat down next to Elice. They exchanged some pleasantries and then the bell rang. They learned about water and its special properties. After class Quentin strained a conversation with Elice and that led to nowhere. Dang, maybe Chase could help. Chemistry was Quentin’s final class, so he decided to go home until Chase was done.

While walking home he let his thoughts wander. Wow Elice sure was pretty today. If Chase could help me then maybe it would help… Why must he pester me about something stupid I did in seventh grade.  That stupid Private Investigator Agency, I even gave myself the nickname “Q”. Ugh, hopefully once this all is done this crap…”

Quentin got home and found his mom beginning to prepare dinner. He greeted her and went back to his younger brother Jimmy. Jimmy was playing with his blocks and Legos. Quentin went into his room and started his homework. He spent a couple hours on those assignments until the time finally came to go to the crime scene.

The Facade of Society

Once there was a little boy who was so afraid of the world he never came out of his isolated cave. One day a strange old lady found him and gave him a magic cloak. This cloak could change his form to anything. The boy disguised himself as a fully grown man. The boy disguised as the man met many grown people and they became friends. Many years progressed and the man forgot the boy.

This is a problem in today’s society, the fact that people put on personas or facades. People do this for several reasons; a few are because of self-distaste and social demands. These things cause pressure to a person that makes them want to change or change unconsciously. If society would be more comfortable with itself then people would stop feeling the need to change themselves because they put on a persona to hide themselves. You may put on a persona to shield your true self from people who you might be ashamed to show your true self to.  People do this in several ways one of which is by having a “higher” language or vocabulary. Another way is to act confident which many people are guilty of doing. Finally, the third way is by hiding behind something that isn’t a facade. These things are so easy to do sometimes we don’t even realize that we are doing it.

The path of getting a “higher” vocabulary than others is probably most common. All you have to do is use a Thesaurus and look up alternative words to your average words and then you already sound smarter. Right? Maybe to the typical person you may even sound like a genius, but if you looked up some of these new words they may mean something completely different than your original word. In that case you sound like a total moron to an actual genius. Also, there are people that use words that sound good, but are simply annoying to others. For instance in Catcher in the Rye Holden, the main character comments, “Grand. There’s a word I really hate. It’s a phony. I could puke everytime I hear it.”1 The simple answer to this problem is to be content with what you have in this way and in other ways. This will cause a domino effect to make you more comfortable with yourself making this unnecessary.

Acting confident is possibly the second most common. To do this you need to pretend that you are good at what you are doing, whether it is talking to girls or if it is being a great presenter. Now this is a demeaning concept in and of itself. In order to pretend to have confidence you have to say to yourself, “I’m bad at this so I need to act.” This is not an entirely bad thing to do to help you slowly gain confidence, but if it is all you’re doing then you need to find a new way to find confidence. Some situation where it is healthy to do it is in sports, presenting, or even talking to girls. If it defines who you are then this would be a momentary persona. Also you may have a momentary persona with needing to deal with how people act. In a case study on a lady nicknamed “Queeny” because of her erratic behavior a nurse remarked, “Naturally, all the nurses were frightened of her and did not want to take care of her.  But they had no choice.” (Williams). These nurses may have had to put up a persona just to be able to handle this patient. This is a very borderline persona type, but none the less it still has its pros and cons.

The third and possibly the easiest way to have a fake persona is to hide behind something. There are several things to hide your personality behind like school, sports, religion, friends, and family. Now each of these things in moderation is excellent, but hiding your personality to the point where there is no more of you in it then it is bad. These things are so easy to do you might not know you are doing it. Using the formula of “How much of me is in this thing?” you can see if it is a persona or not. This can be done because people don’t like each themselves so they want to escape into person or group like the things mentioned above. A way to achieve avoiding this is by having a self actualization. As Carl Rodgers said, “The only question which matters is ‘Am I living in a way that is deeply satisfying to me?’” (Myers). Using this question you may be able to find a greater sense of self-worth and not feel the need to do these things.

These practices are easy to do unintentionally and intentionally. These ways are not proven to work, but can help with these problems. Sometimes a façade is a nice thing to have, but it can be too hard to maintain or even manage sometimes.  It can also be annoying to others as shown in the quote from Catcher in the Rye. Altogether personas are a bad thing in general and should be stopped when possible.

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Daniel in the Den


(Just a break from The Strange Case of Wealth and a random picture)

Once there was a man named Daniel. Daniel was a very religious guy. He was also one of many advisors to the king. One day because of a spirit about him the king made him his first advisor. These other advisors developed a scheme to get rid of Daniel using the law. They made a law about no one being able to worship anyone but the king. The king approved this law without thinking about Daniel. Daniel continued despite the law and was caught. He was thrown into the lion’s den and he was saved by God because of his faithfulness. The king sequentially sent the other advisors to the lion’s den.

           This story is a great story showing loyal to people. The king stayed loyal to the law he made and Daniel stayed loyal to God. These are beautiful examples of how you should stay loyal to people despite situations. Daniel was faced with a literally deadly decision and yet he still made it out alive because of his faith.

              The king was loyal to his people and to Daniel. He was loyal to his people by upholding the law even when his friend was accused. Now you may ask “How is he loyal to Daniel?” He punished the people who tricked him in the first place into betraying his friend. This biblical story can be applied by having loyalty to your friends and your religion (Whatever it may be).

The Strange Case of Wealth Part 4

If you haven’t read Part 1-3 then click on this.


“What!?”, He said in shock. “Is this some trick?”

“No, no, no I really need your help with this. My prize game ball was stolen…”

Quentin refrained from laughing barely and said “That’s it?”

“Shut up, it isn’t like you have any other cases to worry about…” Chase paused for added effect. “Besides it was in a super secure safe”

“What? You mean you put a football in a safe!”

Chase proceed to emphasize again that it was a game ball. Then, he described the “crime” scene. He stated that the safe was just at the end of the hallway behind a painting. It was a narrow hallway with four rooms attached off of it. The safe has two locks; one is a pin code and the other one was similar to a locker lock. Both of these were intact when they got to the safe. The case also contained his father’s favorite watch and his mother’s favorite necklace –  both quite expensive, but neither were taken.

“Hmm…” Why would I help him. He has always been a je…

“I can pay you your original price from seventh grade”

“No, I’m sorry but that ain’t enough. Not after the constant teasing for three years!

“What if I make it sweeter for you.”

“Ha, you’d need to pay me one hundred times the amount in seventh grade!”

“What if I could help get you hooked up with Elice?” Chase said with a smirk

That jerk is more observant than I gave him credit for, “Two more conditions first.” Chase listened “ One, you must promise to stop observing me to find things you can use against me. Two, at the end of this all you must apologize

Strange Case of Wealth Part 3


Quentin’s teacher, Mr. Emerson, went to the front of the class. “Okay class”, He said in his demanding demeanor. “It is time for you pupils to analyze me.” This was a common exercise they did and they enjoyed it. So… Emerson is wearing a long sleeve, when he regularly wears short. The long sleeves are dirty and a tad wet. The bottom of his jeans are dirty with mud. Finally, his hair is a bit disheveled.”

    Quentin rose his hand and said confidently, “So, Mr. Emerson how was your gardening experience?”, “Good” he responded “But, what was I gardening?”. Crud. I didn’t think that far ahead. “Aloe Vera. Right?” Elice said from the other end of the room. “Yes, good job pupils.”

He went on to say that you could tell it was Aloe Vera because of the wet sleeves. Then he taught a little lesson on how to tell what type of blood someone had which was something he learned in Bio, but he didn’t care it was still cool. The remainder of the class was a lecture on how you cannot throw any observation out the window.

After that period Quentin ran into Chase again was wasn’t agitated at all but it still unnerved him.

“So Quentin…” This caught Quentin off-guard because since seventh grade “I need your help…”

“Umm okay, with beating me up or something?” Quentin said sarcastically

“No, I have a case for you”